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Effective Budgeting Helps You Prosper

At times, there are few things which are financially more important than budgeting your income and expenses.


Let Martin L. Wertheim, CPA PC, help you set up a realistic budget for daily living and future retirement as well as for planned purchases such as property, business ventures, and more.

Understandable approaches to finance

Plan for the future when you work with us. Our excellent communication skills, honed by teaching college-level courses, help us talk to you about important financial issues in ways you understand.

Budgeting strategies that work

Meet all your financial goals

Let Martin L. Wertheim help you take care of all your financial plans and obligations. Get expert assistance in estate planning, bookkeeping, tax planning, and more.


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• Pay taxes throughout the year instead of paying at the end

• Deal with increases and decreases in salary and other income

• Correctly place your funds in tax-advantaged accounts while keeping opportunity money available

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